2.   Proud Papa
3.Vistazo En Los Altos De Maria
Big View in Maria Heights
              16 x 20 canvas
Inspired by "Cordillera Central of Panama" or central mountains of Panama
   5.  Fruit of Life
40 x 36 canvas
 Personal inspiration      
 6.   El Puente - The Bridge
             14 x 32 canvas
Inspired by the reserve in Altos del Maria, Panama

          25 1/2 x 38 canvas
                 Inspired by scene in Jamaica W.I.
Available as prints only.
     7.   Bananas
32 x 22
From Los Altos in Panama


4. En el Portico 
  On the Porch
 18 x 25 canvas
     En los Altos - 
     in the Heights
 1.  Entre Las Montanas y las Nubes
Between the Mountains and the Clouds
                16 x 20 canvas
Inspired by the Altos del Maria, Panama
8. Sorrel and Beets
      13 x 26